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    2005-06-30 18:03:34/Air Mission/ Reconnaissance - Afeganistão


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    2005-06-30 18:03:34/Air Mission/ Reconnaissance - Afeganistão

    Mensagem  Cnshark em Sab Jun 14 2014, 17:17

    DBC Pilot Debrief Mission Number: 06-30E
    2005-06-30 18:03:34 Expand acronyms:

    KAF-QLT-PZ(UB 157 034)-QLT-KAF

    Narrative from CPT St. Clair:
    The evening of 30 June 2005, DO11 was notified of a mission that would be launched at 2100z. At 2115z DO11/PH33 landed at grid 42S UB 157 034 for urgent medevac. Upon arriving at the PZ, we could not contact the "Battle" element to confirm the LZ. We had multiple IR lights flashing and a police vehicle with blue lights flashing all within 100-200 meters of the PZ. We executed a go-around and came back around to attempt to confirm the PZ and establish comms. Upon the second approach my crewmembers the IR strobe to be the correct PZ and we landed. A single soldier approached the A/C from the right side (unassisted) and he was placed in the left rear seat. He did not have an IV or other medical gear with him. He only had a personal bag and 1 set of NVG''s. We were on the ground for about 1 minute and left the PZ at 2213z. We went direct to Qalat for refuel and then direct to C-Med pad at KAF to drop off patient at 2319z.
    -No comms with PZ
    -Multiple lights at PZ
    -The Medic(SSG West) announced after take-off that the patient had not had fluids (IV) for over 24 hours and did not have an IV in at that time.

    Narrative from SSG West:
    We received a medevac request at 1400z on 30 June 2005 to evacuate a severe dehydration patient. Because of the flight time to and from the location it was determined to be a high risk mission and to be launched at first light. At 1600z on 30 June 2005, the crew of DO11 was notified that the mission would launch at 2100z on 30 June 2005. Dust Off 11 launched at 2115z 30 June 2005 to UB 157 034 to pick up a severely dehydrated, urgent, US Soldier. Dust Off 11 arrived at UB 157 034 at 2212z on 30 June 2005 to evacuate the urgent soldier. The soldier approached the aircraft on his own and in apparent good shape. The patient jumped into the aircraft and immediately sat down in the jump seat and began to secure himself. I, James West, the medic on board, asked the patient what was wrong and what treatment he had received. He, the patient, stated that he had received an IV more than 24 hours prior and no other treatment. He also stated he had been nauseous for about 8 days. The patient appeared to me to be in no distress and definitely no an urgent Medevac. The patient was able to get in and out of the aircraft, with no assistance, while Dust Off 11 got hot refuel at Qalat. Once at KAF the patient jumped off the aircraft and walked to the ambulance at the C-Med helipad with all of his gear and was moved to C-Med. The patient appeared to tolerate the flight well and had no difficulties the entire time of the mission.


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