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11° GAVnt - Ursae Minoris - UM i

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    2008-02-19 02:06:00/Air Mission - Afeganistão


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    2008-02-19 02:06:00/Air Mission - Afeganistão

    Mensagem  Cnshark em Sab Jun 14 2014, 15:55

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    Today, LRSD 2nd PLT linked up with the Bagram PRT at Fire Base Kutschbach to provide security during a project inspection at the Ala Say district center. At approximately 0610z 2xAH-64s checked on station for armed recce and overhead coverage during the patrol. The element reached the district center without incident arriving at approximately 0655z and quickly established a security perimeter. CDR Burks and several members of the PRT conducted a KLE with the district sub-governor, while a dismounted patrol consisting of PRT and Pathfinder elements moved to the Bazaar to inspect a mosque project. During these activities Pathfinder 3 controlled the 2xAH-64s to investigate the surrounding area, focusing on the high ground south of the district center and the route back to FB KB. Pathfinder Base relayed to Pathfinder 25 that they had received HUMINT stating that the 10-15 enemy were massing along the road near Shir Kut. The AH-64s were directed over that location and were unable to see anyone massing. The patrol left the DC and began movement back to the FB and approximately 1000m west of the DC the patrol was attacked by 3-5 enemy PAX using RPGs and small arms fire AT GRID 42S WD 648 610. The AH-64s were brought overhead immediately to help identify, while the patrol returned fire. The AH-64s were able to identify several PAX firing at the convoy and were given clearance to fire by Pathfinder 3. The AH-64s conducted 2x30mm guns runs and fired 2x2.75 inch rockets. The enemy stopped firing and the patrol returned to FB KB under coverage of the AH-64s without further contact with the enemy. The AH-64s went off station and returned to Bagram Air Field once the patrol reached FB KB.

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