11° GAVnt - Ursae Minoris - UM i

11° GAVnt - Ursae Minoris - UM i

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    2009-11-12 15:30:00/Air Mission - Afeganistão


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    2009-11-12 15:30:00/Air Mission - Afeganistão

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    At 0200L 13NOV09 TF Stryker reports TF ROAM (1-4 IN) observed 2x Males acting suspiciously VIC 42SUA0854057740 Qalat district of Zabul. The suspicious individuals were seen along highway 1 near a previous IED hotspot. TF Corsair was called and sent an AH-64 to observe the 2 individuals. When they heard the helicopter overhead they hid in a wadi. The AH-64 determined PID and engaged. QRF was sent to assess the BDA. Once on scene the unit confirmed 2 x EKIA with AK-47s. NFATT.

    AH-64 C/S REPAIR-30 was conducting a patrol.

    AH-64 (REPAIR-30) spotted 2 x PAX acting suspiciously in a wady. At 0257D* when AH-64 was about to go off station, the 2 x PAX showed an increase in suspicious behaviour and AH-64 engaged them with 30mm rounds.
    QRF from FOB LAGMAN will check out the engagement area.

    UPDATE 131033D*(M)
    FF report AH-64 engaged PID INS with SAF resulting in 2 x INS killed and 1 x Wpn (AK) seized. Ground BDA conducted and ANP have secured the weapon with assistance from FF (ROAM QRF) and INS and weapon will be taken to EOD for TSE.

    BDA: 2 x INS killed.

    Event Closed by RC(S) at 131042D*

    Fonte: Wikileaks

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