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11° GAVnt - Ursae Minoris - UM i

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    2007-09-29 09:52:00/Air Mission/CAS - Afeganistão


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    2007-09-29 09:52:00/Air Mission/CAS - Afeganistão

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    N1 291552Z TF 3 Fury observes ACM traveling in a tactical formation IVO Gerda Serai district

    At 1552z, TF 3 Fury with the use of CAS (Hog-13) observed two groups of ACM pax traveling in a tactical formation along RTE Taliban at grid: WB 3930 9220. Hog-13 ISO TF 3 Fury confirmed ACM pax were wearing backpack''s heading toward a cave system located at grid WB 3153091740, and WB 31140 91590. At 1605z, TF 3 Fury requested CCA and notified TF Fury of the current situation and requested approval to engage the enemy using CAS support. TF 3 Fury was approved to engage ACM pax.

    At 1607z, TF Fury approved CCA request IOT provide over watch support of 2/C/4-73, who would conduct clearing operation once CAS conclude attack.

    At 1618z, Hog-13 reported acquiring a new enemy position at grid: WB 32279139, at 1619z Hog-13 conducting 2 Gun Runs firing total of 750x 30mm, upon completion of attack on ACM, Hog-13 conducted aerial survey and reported no movement/ no sign of life.
    At Hog-13 was off station, at 1630z Capone-11 was w/u from FOB Salerno en-route to last known enemy location. At 1640Z, a second set of A-10s arrived on station IOT assess the 2 x caves. At 1643z, Capone-11 (CCA) was on station and established comms w/ the ground element 2/C. At 1656z, 2/C moved to intersection of RTE Taliban and Utah. Shortly after, TF 3 Fury declared event closed due to no additional information of enemy movement in the area.

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