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    2007-07-29 02:02/Air Mission/Air Assault - Afeganistão


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    2007-07-29 02:02/Air Mission/Air Assault - Afeganistão

    Mensagem  Cnshark em Sab Jun 14 2014, 14:29

    O Afeganistão, oficialmente República Islâmica do Afeganistão é um estado soberano sem litoral, localizado no centro da Ásia, fazendo parte do Sul da Ásia, Ásia Central e Ásia Ocidental. Wikipédia
    Capital: Cabul
    Presidente: Hamid Karzai
    Governo: República islâmica
    População: 29,82 milhões (2012) Banco Mundial
    Línguas oficiais: Língua pachto, Língua dari

    On 28 July, 2007, TF Saber came under direct heavy fire during Operation Ghar Dwa. The action ultimately resulted in 14 US WIA and 2 US KIA. Because the contact was so intense and the terrain was so challenging, elements from TF Saber were unable to recover one of the fallen Soldiers.

    TF Rock, in support of the ongoing operations to locate the fallen Soldier, inserted 128 PAX into Kamu and Naray.

    The operation began at 2051Z when the insertion aircraft landed at Blessing. Chosen, the company supporting the operations, went wheels down at Kamu at 2132z. Chosen elements SPed at 2139Z en route to OBJ Fallen Hero. At 2210z, Vino 30 reported that he would control the C130, and would not drop 105mm on the HLZ for Rock TAC.

    At 2225z the Gunmetal AHs went wheels up to recon the HLZ for the Rock TAC. The frist lift of the Rock TAC landed at HLZ Bombay at 2259z. TAC infil was complete at 0032. At 2342z, the Chosen elements began moving into OP position at YE 234 216 Saber executed battlefield handover to Rock. At 2351z, Chosen elements moved out to conduct site exploitation while C6 overwatched.

    At 0055z all Rock elements were in position at YE 245 226 (TAC), YE 2371 2189 (C CP), YE 2343 2174 (C26), YE 2461 2196 (A26), and YE 2369 2191 (C mortars).

    The Fallen Hero was reported recovered at 0212z, at YE 2467 2203. Workhorse moved out from Kamu to secure the remains and transport them back. They arrived back at Kamu with the Fallen Hero at 0610z. By 0802z TF Rock had begun movement of Chosen elements back to Kamu as well, in preparation for the evening exfil. The TAC remained in overwatch at HLZ Bombay.

    Exfil began on the night of the 29th*. The first lift to pick up Rock pax went wheels up at 1607z. The Rock TAC was the first element to get picked up out of HLZ Bombay - first lift went wheels down at 1702z. At 1827z, the final lift deposited the last of the Rock TAC at Naray. At 1845z, the first lift of CH47''s landed at Kamu to pull out the rest of the Rock Soldiers. After two more turns, at 2152z the final lift of Rock pax landed at Blessing with the fallen soldier. The fallen soldier mission went wheels up from Blessing at 2151z, and finally arrived at BAF at 2307. 22 Rock soldiers had to spend the night at Naray, and were exfilled on the ANA RIP Birds on 30 July. They were pulled out in two turns, and by 0835z, the aircraft were mission complete, and all Rock pax were back at Blessing.

    Report key: C145382C-63F0-4725-BB04-1B53BA89F166
    Tracking number: 2007-210-054624-0895
    Attack on: UNKNOWN
    Complex atack: FALSE
    Reporting unit: TF ROCK 2-503 IN
    Unit name: TF ROCK 2-503 IN
    Type of unit: None Selected
    Originator group: UNKNOWN
    Updated by group: UNKNOWN
    MGRS: 42SYE2466922030
    DColor: GREEN

    Fonte: Wikileaks

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